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People who need maximal security should not risk as far as the application of security fences are concerned. We guarantee a simple process: delivery, assembly, disassembly and take away.


You wish to separate a stage, form an entrance, control who enters or you just simply need a separation for the spectators? Or maybe you want to put a fence around your construction site? What ever you need - we will try to deliver.

As a strategic partner of a Dutch fence manufacturer HERAS, we offer their products in the Serbian market. HERAS is a leading security fence manufacturer in Europe an in the international market it dominates by the quality of their products and services. HERAS fence is being made by all European standards is of high quality and is suitable for numerous purposes, from securing a construction site to securing various events. 


Mobile fences that we offer are mainly divided into 2 basic groups: High mobile fence - 2000mm high (M500, M200) and low fence (crush barrier) - 1100mm high. For more details or additional information you can check Heras' brochure: BROCHURE ASSORTMENT


Belowe you can see our main products:

Heras M500 Anti-Climb

  • Added:
  • 17.2.2014

Heras fence panel M500 Anti-Climb is the panel of the highest qulity and is an idela choice for any occasion where the security is of great importance.


Heras M200

Heras fence panel M200 represents a great balance of quality and price. It is very easy to use. This panel is the most common choice for temporary securing a construction site or some less demanding events regarding the security issues.


Heras M125

Heras fence panel M125,  also known as a crush barrier, is meant for pointing out a direction. it's most common use is near entrances and to guide visitors to an event.


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